Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boost Your Food with Easy Vitamineral Earth Recipes

A while ago we gave you a couple creative ways to get the detoxifying power of Vitamineral Earth. We now have more to share, if you've mastered the broth, there's a recipe to take it to the next level.

As a reminder, here is the recipe for the broth using Vitamineral Earth

Healing Earth Broth™

Add 2-4 tablespoons Earth to 16 ounces of water. Add a pinch of unrefined salt (Celtic, Real or Himalayan), or 1 teaspoon of organic miso or 1 teaspoon of organic gluten-free tamari. Bring to a boil and then switch off the stove and allow to sit for a few minutes. Pour into a cup and enjoy the warming, healing balancing effects of Earth™.

Once you have that, check out this recipe, which includes even more savory and nutritional ingredients.

Healing Earth Soup™

Bring the Healing Earth Broth™ to the boil with the vegetables of choice, the following are examples, turn off the stove and allow the soup to sit for a couple of minutes. Then pour into bowl and enjoy.

• 1 chopped tomato
• 1 stick diced celery
• 1/4 diced red pepper
• 1T onion or chives or leek (minced)
• 1 carrot (diced) and/or cucumber (diced) and/or zucchini (shredded)
• 1 T fresh minced herbs (cilantro and basil)
• Sea Vegetables such as dulse, hijiki and arame. (rinsed)

Optional: Add in after heating: 1/2 avocado cubed or blended, ground flax or chia seeds. Blended coconut or coconut butter also works well; preferably whole blended.

Get creative and play rosemary, oregano, cilantro and other herbs and spices, miso, herbal teas, medicinal mushrooms, kelp powder, hemp seeds.

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